Infographics for Pinterest

So for all of you who have been following my blog so far, I promised to have some examples of infographics. As a very visually stimulating piece of collateral for any business, an infographic can help companies market their product or service in an easy to read way.

As stated by Customer Magnetism, an Internet marketing agency  an infographic can be summed up by the graphic below (which happens to be an infographic itself).

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 1.22.01 AM

Customer Magnetism has a full infographic laid out ont heir website, which I recommend checking out. This link can connect you straight to the site.

When information can be overwhelming, or not very visually simulating on its own, an infographic can create a much more lively look. Very complicated statistics, or even a breakdown of overall data can be used. The idea is to keep a clean and easy to read piece of collateral can take anything from populations of countries, to breakdown of site content into a fun visual.

For the business side, infographics can increase traffic by 12 percent and have a 30 times more likely shot at being read versus a print article.

Some tips for using infographics would be to…

  • Have a catchy title
  • Use different sources, and a lot of them
  • Promote via social media … of course
  • Avoid clusters and white backgrounds
  • Make sure it can be shared amongst users

Infographics have been growing in popularity, and Pinterest could be assisting in that. Having a visual piece of your company being showcased on social media sites is an excellent source of marketing. If the graphic is constructed well enough, it will market itself.

Taking a more business structured approach, by attaching the link to a companies website, the infographic can act as the gateway to more traffic on websites. The pretty graphics draw in the user, while pure curiosity for the brand could lead to customer loyalty. So, why not utilize this piece of marketing?


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