Pinterest Picking Up Press Attention

As I was browsing Pinterest, I decided to type “Pinterest Articles” into the search bar. What came to my surprise, was that there appeared a plethora of articles that hit any and all questions for Pinterest users, and prospective users.

One pin in particular caught my eye, which was a link to an article that referred to Pinterest as “A Sleeping Giant in Internet Marketing”. This article goes on to talk about how businesses of all spectrums can use the social media site.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 12.51.15 AM

Yes, Pinterest is a very visually stimulating website, but the author of the article, Vincent Clarke, writes about how this should not deter people from utilizing Pinterest.

“The site simply offers a medium that allows you to present your business to an audience in an entirely fresh and interesting way,” said Clarke.

What most people don’t see, is that Pinterest opens up a way for marketing teams to expand on their outreach. Just people a specific company does not depend solely on graphics does not mean that Pinterest is not for them. The site really just challenges marketing teams to learn how to market their product in a new and innovative way.

It may be a challenge at first, but any company can create the following the desire if they are willing to put in a little work. Clarke alludes, in his article, on how to develop that following all companies seek to obtain. Below you will find a few steps listed in the article

  1. Hire a professional photographer to shoot the product or setting the product is in
  2. If your company specializes in services, try an infographic (examples of this will be in later posts)
  3. Create awareness by repining relevant pins
  4. As always, stay relevant, fresh and transparent

Check out the article for yourself, and see just what Clarke is talking about. I can say with all honesty, the content of this article is by far the best I have seen thus far in my Pinterest blogging. Pinterest – A Sleeping Giant in Internet Marketing


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