Know Your Audience

So… we have talked about how businesses can use Pinterest, an example of a business that utilizes the social media site well, now lets talk about how to make sure the business knows exactly what they are getting into. Statistics show that 87 percent of pinners are female, so businesses such as Gander Mountain or ESPN should steer clear of Pinterest for solely marketing purposes. That is, for now they should.

What does the “cookie-cutter” pinner look like?  Based on statistics, the average pinner is female aging between 18-25 that is upper income, and shocking from the Northwest Southeast areas of the U.S. This is very different compared to Twitter and Facebook users who typically originate from the Northeast.

Does the average pinner fit for your business?

If the answer is no, there are other social media sites to utilize, but Pinterest may not be that site just yet. However, there could be a turnover in the typical target audience in the near future. Currently, the U.K. has a more male dominated audience for Pinterest. So there may be hope!

If the anser is yes, check out earlier posts and start your Pinterest account today! My blog hits all steps in creating and utilizing Pinterest for the best marketing practices possible. A site that has grown from 1.2 million to 4.5 million from August to September definitely has the viewers to help push a brand. For those who are able to utalize the site, do so. If you don’t believe the facts I am giving you, check out the chart below.

If you are still a nonbeliever of Pinterest, check out this great article.

Below is an infographic that outlines the basic pinner and what could be helpful in marketing to said audience. Trying to market to an audience that isn’t even there would not be logical, or even help the business doing the marketing.



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