Who Does it the Best?

So we had a chat about how businesses can dive into the Pinterest World. Well, now lets take a look at who is credited by Pinterest for utilizing the website to market their brand. Etsy, an online “marketplace” that provides quality, handmade jewelry  clothing and pretty much anything else out there.

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 11.37.00 PM

The Etsy mission is clearly stated on their own website, but is also mirrored onto their Pinterest account. As advised by Pinterest, Etsy utilizes various sources from which they pin, and they make sure their pins/boards reflect their mission clearly. Another excellent practice Etsy is doing, is that they have boards that cover all topics found on their website, while allowing “Guest Pinners” post a board that is both relevant to their board and shows interests of faithful customers.

“For businesses, pinning can be a great way to highlight aspects of your brand that may not come to mind at first when people consider your brand. Pinterest can also be a great tool to learn what your audience/users/customers want and like.”

Etsy not only showcases their own products and related products, but items that may compliment their brand. They key to pinning for businesses is to make sure to pin as if they were an average user. By including “average” users on their page, allows potential customers to see that the brand not only cares about the business they established, but the support of their customers as well.

Take a look at this link What works: Business best practices to see what Pinterest is advising to their business users.

Its not alway about the product that is being pinned, but more about how that product is framed. Etsy is able to take an average piece for jewelry, and make it into something  much more. It becomes a piece of art that cannot help attract a potential customer in.


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