Pinterested in Business?!

Well, these last few blogs have centered around the basics of what Pinterest can offer, and how effective it can be. Now lets look at how businesses can take advantage of the features the site offers. Pinterest has a specific tab that targets businesses and how to get them on board with what the website is offering.

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 10.53.36 AM

As I have said before, Pinterest is all about visuals. Making sure images best capture what product you are trying to market is key. Though, the social media site has yet to enhance their site with ways for companies to track clicks per image, there are ways for businesses to do that on their own.

From corporate companies to start-up businesses, Pinterest is all about building up your community and the people you interact with. If you didn’t know this yet… that is the point behind any social media site. Be social! Therefore, making sure that your advertising is effective, but also you PR is on the ball. The more people the company interacts with, the more likely that the people following those companies will have a multitude of followers that the company might not have been able to reach out to in the first place.

Pinterest is very feminine, but the site is working on how to outreach to males. With this being said, don’t fight what the site is currently doing. Know what works well and know what doesn’t. Being able to market to the female population is what needs to happen now, until the site can eventually even out its women to men ratio.

Make sure, as always, to check out the business link on the Pinterest page to see more ways your business can take advantage of the growing social media site! You may even find something beneficial to your own personal account there.



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